Cron Logs

You can now view the last 15 requests and download the entire log file.

The data is presented in a serialized array.  When you get that, simply use the language of choice to parse the array.

Time Zone

You can now select your time zone in the prefences tab.  Time will not show localy in all other views, this makes it eaiser than reading the 24 hour format.

Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring is now fully coded.  It checks your site every 5 seconds.  You can place a 80×15 image on your site to show uptime.

I am coding a public page to show uptime information for people just looking to get info about the site.

Premium Membership

We have moved to a premium membership system, there are still free account signups, and will be what a normal person would need for say a blog.   Premium just opens a few extra featurs and services.

Its going to be a one time fee of $19.99, and is on sale right now for $4.99.

Server Load

If you on the site from around 11pm-1am PST you will notice a higher load than average, that is due to server update and backups.  There is no need to be alarmed by this, its normal.