Bug fixes, PayPal integration improved!

Several minor bugs have been fixed, some small site tweaks have been done, and the PayPal integration has been vastly improved.  We now have TWO levels of subscriptions you can sign up for:

$19/year gets you the Power Level, with 5 cron jobs executing as often as one/minute.

$27/year gets you the Pro Level with unlimited cron jobs and unlimited site monitoring.

You can also update your password after a system reset from the Settings tab.

Happy Cron Jobs!

Cronless has a new look!

Been working hard…Cronless now has a new look and feel, a logo, a feedback tab, and a new tour.

Let me know what you’d like to see with the Feedback tab on the right of every page on the site.

Happy cron-ing.

Time Zone Fix

You will notice that I fixed the time zone problem, you will now see your jobs running time in your local time zone.

This does not effect the time the job will run, all jobs are based on PST/GMT -8!