Cronless moved to a new VPS

The past week was a frustrating one for me.  Cronless was bounced around inside my ISP to a new VPS server.  The end result is all good now, but there was some time where emails were NOT going out notifying you about your jobs because of configuration changes.  The jobs ran, but no notices appeared.  My apologies to everyone for that.  The problem has been fixed and we’re moving forward again.

Survey Says: Better Notifications

Our recent survey has come back with some great feedback, including:

  • More options for notifications (GTalk, AIM, Yahoo)
  • Send emails with clear SUCCESS/FAILURE in title (for mobile users)
  • Update job setup to use a calendar widget instead of UNIX timestamp entry

Well, you spoke and we’re listening.  These features are being implemented in the coming weeks.  Keep your eye out for changes!