Displaying The Translation Box

You can now show or hide the translation drop down list using the Display Translation Box option in the Settings page. The drop down list will be displayed at the top right corner of each page while logged in. The translation is powered by Google Translate and supports more than 50 languages.

Bug Fixes and Updates

A few members complained that cron jobs did not execute properly when the scripts being called printed specific HTML tags. This includes members using MailBeez. We fixed this and now the scripts being called will work properly regardless of its output. Other minor bug fixes are the date and time displayed in the jobs list and the Lost Password response page.
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User Interface Updates

We did some tweaks and fixes to the website to improve its speed and usability. The most noticeable is the new homepage for logged in users. It now lists the account details and the latest news instead of the account types. Plus users now get redirected to the homepage when they log in and not the jobs page. And a link to the upgrade page was added to the menu in case you want to check it out 🙂

Please let us know what you think.

Cronless has a new host and new server

The move has been completed and we’re back up, 100%. Downtime was minimized (approximately 10 min total) and all cron jobs have been transferred.

I’ve worked with a few people to deal with some minor bugs, but everything seems to be in place.  Please let me know if you find anything out of sorts.