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To schedule a cron job for a website running WordPress enter the following URL replacing with your domain name:

If it doesn't work try removing the doing_wp_cron part of the URL:

A user agent is a line of text identifying the the client accessing the URL to the web server. It's not used much these days but some scripts require it to be a specific value.

The default user-agent if you do not provide one is: Cronless/2.0 (+

To learn more about user-agents please read this wikipedia page.

You can temporarily disable paging in the crons list by clicking the button at the bottom right corner of the table called All.

You can download a cron job's log records by clicking the Download button at the top right corner of the logs page. The downlaoded file will contain all the log records in CSV format with the following details:

  • The first line is the header and contains the names of columns
  • Subsequent lines contain the logs with each record in a separate line
  • The fields are:
    1. HTTP status code
    2. Error
    3. Description
    4. Load time
    5. Time stamp

Cronless saves the HTTP status code if the cron job returned an error. These are the statuses you will most likely encounter; hover mouse for more details:


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