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How do I know which port number to monitor?

The services and their default port numbers are:

22SSH Remote Login Protocol
25Mail Server (smtp)
80WorldWideWeb (http)
143Interim Mail Access P 2 and 4 (imap2)
220Interactive Mail Access (imap3)
443HTTP protocol over TLS/SSL (https)
993IMAP over SSL (imaps)
995POP-3 over SSL (pop3s)
1433Microsoft SQL Server (mssql)
3306MySQL Server (mysql)

Disable paging in monitors list

You can temporarily disable paging in the monitors list by clicking the button at the bottom right corner of the table called All.

Download monitor logs

You can download a monitor's log records by clicking the Download button at the top right corner of the logs page. The downloaded file will contain all the log records in a CSV format with the following details:

  • The first line is the header and contains the names of columns
  • Subsequent lines contain the logs with each record in a seperate line
  • The fields are:
    1. Description
    2. Time stamp


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